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Technology Infrastructure Services

Technology Infrastructure has become the life blood of contemporary organizations. It is the universal enabler for all types of services within an organizational framework. On a more strategic level, one might not be aware of the specialist consultancy service that exists to focus not on the components of the infrastructure, but on its foundation. The sole focus of this consultancy is to build a solid and reliable platform for the rest of an organization’s IT requirements. Technologic Consultancy helps you in identifying a solution, which best fits your needs, and to introduce you to the long-term benefits of building the right relationships to deliver strong technology infrastructure. Some of the services in this category for which, we have the expertise, are listed below

  • Data & Network Center Site planning and Technology Benchmarking

This consultancy is focused on conducting a capacity analysis and capacity planning exercise to assess the IT needs of an organization. The functional requirements are then evaluated in conjunction with security, performance and projected state of technology to recommend the Data Center or Telecom Center or Network Center design, layout and implementation plan.  

  • Power analysis and power distribution consultancy

The biggest reason of failure of Network and data services is power supplied to the infrastructure. Thus power is a mission critical function. We use state of the art Power Quality Analyzers to assess the power available. This data is used to recommend the right mix of surge protection, stabilization, UPS needs and Backup fail over systems that are critical to the IT requirements of an organization.  

·         Voice and Data Structured Cabling Systems design, Installation & Maintenance

Cabling is the arterial system of an IT infrastructure that carries the data and voice so critical to the functioning of a modern organization. Technologic is the market leader in all variations of structured cabling systems including UTP, STP and fiber in the 100Mb and Gigabit network backbones. We work on design , installation, operation and maintenance of passive and active components for the 21st Century needs of fast paced businesses.


·         Premises Access Security Designing using Conventional & Biometric Identification

Security of the tangible and intangible assets in an organizations is extremely critical for survival of the modern enterprise. We provide strategic designing in all areas of security including Access Control Systems for Bar Code, Magnetic, proximity, Finger, Palm, Retina and other forms of positive identification. We also work with our alliances to deliver solutions to implement these strategies.


·         Surveillance Equipment Planning and implementation Strategies

Equally important is the ability to monitor and ensure the security of all sensitive areas in an organization especially financial institution from centralized locations so that the assets are securing against any external or internal threat. We provide strategic designing in this area with state of the art solutions and work with our partners to deliver and manage these solutions.


·         Environmental Monitoring & Control Systems

Temperature and humidity have the capability of reducing the operational life and performance of all electronic equipment. Additionally the chance of fire , smoke or Carbon Monoxide creates a hazard for equipment and personnel. The water leakage from Air-conditioning drains can get into the raised floors and cause damage to equipment. We provide environmental monitoring and control design strategies and solution for continuous and fail safe operation.


·         Disaster recovery designing

Disaster in the form of fire, flooding, riots or terrorism that makes data and network centers inaccessible can cause irreparable damage to the financial strength and image of an organization. We are the market leader in the area of strategic planning of Disaster Recovery Sites and Contingency Planning and their design, implementation, operation and maintenance.


·         Safety & security, Fire retardant Coating, Fire resistant Glass

For premises security against fire & explosions we provide consultancy services in fire resistance or retardant construction, coatings, fire retardant and Shatter proof Glass that minimizes the spreading of fire and gives time to protect the assets while giving people time to escape from fire hazard and prevent damage to life and property.


·         World Class Standards Compliance

Companies that would like to build or upgrade to a World Class Standard Data, Telecom or Network Center, we are the market leader in this area and provide designing and System Integration Services.


·         Technology Evaluation Services

With the mind blowing pace of developments in technology the consultants at Technologic work hard to keep abreast with the latest technology and future trends and use this Knowledge Base to help our clients conduct technology evaluation exercises to find the right mix of technologies to fit their needs.


·         Capacity Analysis & Planning and Performance Optimization

In depth and rigorous analysis methods are used to provide correct capacity analysis and capacity planning for the It needs of our clients. At times resource optimization allows the expansion of capacity to meet the growth needs of an organization’s IT needs.


·         Need assessment, RFP Development, Tender Documentation and Bid Evaluation

For organization who would like to focus on their core business and not burden their resources with the task of Need Assessment, RFP Development, Tender Documentation, Bidding, Evaluation, Award of Contracts, Supervision of Execution, Handover and maintenance, we provide our services to conduct these for the timely delivery of Technology Infrastructure projects.