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Network and Information Security services

  • Network and Strategic Designing

Our Team has been the pioneers in setting the earliest networks in Pakistan and understands the unique requirements very well. We provide strategic designing services to setup Information Technology services in organizations with a best of class touch.

  • Network Security Strategic Designing

With networks carrying the lifeblood of our economic infrastructure, hackers are a great risk to the continuity of business. Securing the network is a key priority for all IT professionals and the companies that depend upon them for their business.. We provide strategic designing services to setup Information Technology Security services in organizations with a best of class touch.

  • Scope, time, cost, risk and resource management consulting

Effective time and cost management is very contingent on good planning, with the project schedule being an essential core of the project plan. Time, cost, risk and resource management are the most critical areas of concern for any organization. Keeping projects on schedule while staying within budget requires the successful project manager to perform a balancing act between meeting delivery deadlines and ensuring the profitability of the project. We are familiar with the important principles of time and cost management that can contribute to the success of your projects. Our project management combines scheduling theory with hands-on exercises using best-practice technique and the Microsoft Project tool to rapidly create detailed schedules in a collaborative manner.

  • Technology evaluation services

The Technology Evaluation Services are an intelligent mix of Technologic Designing’s analyst expertise and guidance combined with a comprehensive knowledge bank of vendor and product information. Technologic’s knowledge bank has a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure specifically designed to streamline the analysis process. Our diverse knowledge analysis infrastructure provides an efficient means for capturing, storing, analyzing and reporting critical information. These services are offered to review existing and new technology. This can be for both hardware and software. A report is provided comparing features, price and performance of existing technology with the recommended technology.

  • Capacity planning and performance tuning

The infrastructure to support a Data Warehouse should ensure that the desired data is transported to the correct target site in an efficient, rapid, and cost-effective way. It should allow Data Warehouse applications to run complex data mining queries in the same environment as other client/server applications - without affecting overall performance. Expert capacity planning and performance tuning are therefore essential to successfully implementing a comprehensive Data Warehousing solution. In addition, security issues need to be addressed, to ensure that only authorized users will have access to all of the data you will be moving around the system. Technologic provides capacity planning and performance tuning services in order to implement a comprehensive and successful data warehousing solution.  

·         Need assessment, RFP Development, Tender Documentation and Bid Evaluation

For organization who would like to focus on their core business and not burden their resources with the task of Need Assessment, RFP Development, Tender Documentation, Bidding, Evaluation, Award of Contracts, Supervision of Execution, Handover and maintenance, we provide our services to conduct these for the timely delivery of Technology Infrastructure projects.


  • LAN / WAN design, specially Secure Wireless LAN Installation and Management

Technologic works with its partners to design, install and maintain the latest network for its clients using futuristic technology. It includes Gigabit Networks, Secure Wireless LAN, Routers, Firewalls, Security Software and Monitoring Tools to create robust and mission critical networks and systems. 

  • Web & E-mail Server & System Design, Implementation, and Administration

Our sister concern Softrack’s tremendous expertise in the area of centralized web based solutions including hosted solutions and large Email servers and their allied services allows us to offer the same to our clients as we offer similar services to our clients in the USA.            

  • Asset and Inventory Management

We provide automated asset and inventory management tools for networks and computing resources that take care of the drudgery of doing this tedious task manually. It allows enterprise managers to have full awareness and control of their resources and provide effective management. 

  • Network Monitoring Systems

Network managers benefit from the availability of NMS or Network Monitoring Systems and tools that allow them to monitor a widely spread network i.e. a branch network for a financial institution or the distribution network for a manufacturing unit. We provide these solutions that allow Network Managers to consolidate the network views and provide a well managed Service Level to their users. 

  • Helpdesk and Problem Management Solutions  

    Centralized web based Helpdesk, Complaint Management or Problem Management systems allow a large network to get problem incidence reporting in an expedient way and allows network technicians to get to them quickly and fix them. Web Based solutions provide the MIS capability for senior management to stay on top of this critical service and meet their deliverables. 

  • Change Management, Configuration Management and Security Management Solutions

In rapidly growing organizations growth outpaces the structure that needs to be in place to support the network. Lack of effective control can compromise organizational standards and security. Systems such as Change Management, configuration management and security management allow senior managers to provide fast paced but controlled and standards compliant growth that also meets the exacting requirement of internal and external corporate Audit entities.