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We have made sure, that our customers get latest technology, best of technical consultancy, highly efficient support services and maintenance up to the certified International standards. We have done some of the major Jobs of structured Cabling in Pakistan and USA, which are mentioned as under:


Accelerated Time To Market

Technologic specializes in all areas related to network operations and security and provides solutions that meet the exacting requirements of its clients. We have built alliances with various premises, information and network security firms and work as resellers and System Integrators for them. This gives Technologic, the ability to execute quickly even the most comprehensive systems, saving you time and money.


Technologic has a team of experienced project managers, who work directly with the clients to identify problem areas and develop and implement solutions accordingly. We also have a panel of consultants, who provide us their valued expertise when required. Our designing team works with you to manage all phases of analysis, designing and implementation, hence ensuring your involvement at every stage of system analysis and execution.

Technologic bills our customers by deliverables that Technologic and customer define; only when those deliverables are met, then client has to pay for the development work completed. This ensures accountability all the way through the analysis and execution process.

Increased Return on Investment (ROI)

Technologic has been working for more then ten years developing the synergy that is required to analyze and execute today�s systems. We have developed business relationships with companies that have best of products in their respective areas. Hence, working as resellers and system integrators of best of the line network, systems and security equipments, provides us an edge and reduces cost and increases ROI for our clients.

Ease Of Mind

Technologic uses the latest technologies available. By using the latest technologies and our advanced analysis methodology, you will be confident your system will be user friendly and have the longevity it needs, so you can manage your business not your system!